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  • Therapeutic Heat
    Enjoy an inversion stretch combined with heattherapy. The warmth facilitates stretching the softtissue around the spine while providing comfortand pain relief.
  • Twist Seat Function
    Airbags rhythmically inflate and deflate to gentlyswing the hips and thigs from side to side. Thisspecial seat twist function adds a relaxing elementto the inversion Power Stretch Combination.
  • Dual Shoulder Airbags
  • Inversion Stretch
    Simultaneous massage from the chair’s airbags holds the shoulders in place while the legrest pulls the legs up and down to intensify thestratching function.
  • Body Scanning System
    The Body Scanning System delivers a massagethat contours the unique spine curvature ofeach individual user. Map your back to ensuremassage accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Ankle Grip
    The built-in ankle grip cradles your ankle in placeto throughly massage the foot soles, ankles, andcalves.
  • Charging Usb Stations:
    Include charging stations for all mobile devices.
  • Adjustable Leg Extension
    The foot massage slides in and out, up to 5.5inches, to provide the most effective massagefor users of any height. Enjoy a customized legand foot massage from the soles to the calvesanytime.
  • Luxury Calf & Foot Massager
    Powerful airbags squeeze the calves to relievetension and improve circulation, while the footrollers stimulate reflexology zones on your tiredfeet.
  • Triple Reflexology Rollers
    Drawing upon the principles of reflexology, ourfoot rollers active nerve ending on th effect torelieve tension, improve circulation, and renewvitality. Our three different foot rollers target thefeet’s specific needs.
  • Heating and Zero Gravity
    In the zero gravity position, the seat moves tothe ideal 120 angle, distributing body weightand reducing pressure on the body to deliverthe ultimate in comfort. Move the chair into itszero gravity position to remove all stress on themuscles and experience a weightless sensation.Choose from 3 different zero gravity positions.
  • Bluetooth Sound system
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